Sunday, August 30, 2009

Out comes the stars!

I honestly wonder if my nerves are shot! So much has gone on in the past 2 months! The wreck, buying the house, packing, unpacking (kinda), finally getting a new vehicle or 2, and now the possibility of a new position at work, it's no wonder I had such a migraine last week! I hold a lot in and it had to find a way out! I'm supposedly the new assistant buyer for the City of Lubbock. I'm actually nervous about tomorrow! I know I can do it, but I'm not sure that they think I can. I see the look of uncertainty in their eyes, and it really bothers me! Hopefully tomorrow will go alright!

I did have a huge oops today! So, while I'm up on the stool putting up my sign, I turn around to talk to Tiffany and decide to I'm done hanging stuff. Well the bright and clumsy person I am, decided I was going to slide down the wall and sit on the stool. Well that stool decided it didn't wanna cooperate with me, and slid out from under me! I busted it! After I got over the shock of falling, I laughed at myself for a good 30 minutes. I so should have known better!

On a positive note, I have gone through boxes in 'my' room. I have gotten some pictures up and arranged some of my scrapbook stuff. I am starting a star collection for this room...any size, color, or shape. It will go with my "Reach for the Stars" sign I made a while back!