Sunday, February 22, 2009

The New Job

So the new job is quiet interesting. All this week I have been putting vendor information into the computer system and filing old vendor folders. Our department is responsible for all of the city purchasing...anything from the new police department vehicles that were delivered Friday to the various city beautification projects or the Martha Sharp freeway that has been in the works for a couple of years I think. Everything goes through us. We put together the bids and award the contracts for all of the projects throughout the city. I will be working closely with almost all of the city head departments when we are making up contracts to ensure all of the signatures are on the contracts before they go to a city council meeting. Other than the fact that there were a hundred names thrown at me this week, I think it will be ok. It all takes time I know. So far I think that everyone likes me. One of the ladies stopped me on the way out the door the other day and said that behind my back everyone was saying that they were amazed how quickly I picked up on everything and thought I was doing great for my first week! We shall see how this week goes.

This week has been great for JP and I. We have ridden together every morning, had lunch together everyday, and made it home without getting sick of each other or ripping each other's head off. Not that I thought we would or anything! :) Many people get tired of being around someone so much, but I think it's been good for us. This weekend we have kinda made up for all the time together, he's addicted to his new PS3 game that he got Friday and conquered today. I've been reading an interesting book, The Shack. I saw the book before Christmas and almost got it then, but decided against it. So far it's kept me going. I'll let you know if it's worth reading or not after I finish it. It's definitely not like the Twilight series or Dracula books that I've read lately!

Monday, February 16, 2009

A New Day!

So after last week JP and I are excited about a new week! I subbed for 2 different high schools. The first group was very easy. I had a pre-cal class and then an English class, where we go to watch Pride and Prejudice 5 times...well at least the last half. The second school was a different story! The first day I wanted to pull my hair out! They yelled the whole time they were supposed to be working on super easy worksheets and then cussed at me. I had finally had enough then and got the principal to the classroom. That day I sent 7 kids to the office...they all thought I was playing! Oh well...the second day was better with a video about Iraq, but they still wouldn't stay quiet! Where has respect gone to? I remember being scared of getting in trouble, not only at school but when I got home, I knew it would have been 10 times worse. These kids have no fear of anything! Thankfully I got a call Tuesday about a possible interview with the city of Lubbock. Friday I went for the interview and got the job! I started today at city hall as Administrative Assistant for the Purchasing Department. It will take some time to get used to get settled in but it will be a good job!
Poor JP had Friday the 13th on Tuesday. The academy made him resign, and then found him a job as a dispatcher until the next academy starts. Saturday was the testing for the next one that starts in June/July. He passed with flying colors! Everyone was glad to see him there and told him they better see him in the gym everyday until June! He is such a strong man and I'm very proud of him!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Hot Lime Jello...

On days like today I miss being a kid! Last Friday while subbing, I had 2 kids sent home for being sick. Since I haven't been sick in a while, I should have seen it coming! Saturday night I felt my throat getting sore and sure enough Sunday morning I was cruddy! Today was worse than yesterday...but vitamin C, off brand DayQuil, and cider have helped me survive. I say it makes me miss being a kid, because when I was sick three thing that was certain was a doctor visit (which I hated), a trip to McDonald's, if I got a shot, for a Happy Meal, and hot lime Jello that GrandySue was sure would make it all better! I always loved curling up on the couch with a blanket, watching cartoons/whatever GrandyMack was watching, and sipping on hot lime Jello! Tomorrow should be a better day...hopefully! High school here I come...again! :)
JP kinda had a rough day today. He did good on his test today but has a chance tomorrow to do better. We stayed up until 12 studying for that test and then he woke up again this morning at 4:30 to study some more. Needless to say he is taking a nap before studying anymore today. Push-ups are still getting him down.
Some have asked what happened to his hair. Well, JP had the idea that we could do it ourselves instead of paying the $12 every 2 weeks to go get it done. So we went and bought a kit. He hopped into the tub, so not to get hair everywhere, and began to start working on it. I came in and he wanted me to shave the bottom and then blend it. Easy right? we ended up shaving it all off. He said he didn't want to worry about fixing it it's stayed like that for now. I'm not such a fan of it but it's starting to "grow" on me.

Sunday, February 8, 2009


Hey everyone! Since we are so far away and it's hard to stay in contact with everyone, I have stolen my friend Lindsey's idea, and have decided to try to keep up a blog of things that are going on in our life in Lubbock. I will try to update it every week or sooner if something big or excited happens.
JP has a test over authorities to arrest and is the co-leader this week! He has two chances to ace it, one tomorrow morning and then again on Tuesday, so he has been studying hard! He is working so hard and I'm very proud of him!
I have been subbing away! This past week I subbed for a 1st grade class! Let me tell you they were a handful! Some of them were so sweet and others made me want to pull my hair out. It made me glad I wasn't the lady that had 8 babies this past week...added to the 6 she already had! This week I'm going to be in a high school class so maybe it will be better!
We hope everyone has a great week!