Sunday, February 22, 2009

The New Job

So the new job is quiet interesting. All this week I have been putting vendor information into the computer system and filing old vendor folders. Our department is responsible for all of the city purchasing...anything from the new police department vehicles that were delivered Friday to the various city beautification projects or the Martha Sharp freeway that has been in the works for a couple of years I think. Everything goes through us. We put together the bids and award the contracts for all of the projects throughout the city. I will be working closely with almost all of the city head departments when we are making up contracts to ensure all of the signatures are on the contracts before they go to a city council meeting. Other than the fact that there were a hundred names thrown at me this week, I think it will be ok. It all takes time I know. So far I think that everyone likes me. One of the ladies stopped me on the way out the door the other day and said that behind my back everyone was saying that they were amazed how quickly I picked up on everything and thought I was doing great for my first week! We shall see how this week goes.

This week has been great for JP and I. We have ridden together every morning, had lunch together everyday, and made it home without getting sick of each other or ripping each other's head off. Not that I thought we would or anything! :) Many people get tired of being around someone so much, but I think it's been good for us. This weekend we have kinda made up for all the time together, he's addicted to his new PS3 game that he got Friday and conquered today. I've been reading an interesting book, The Shack. I saw the book before Christmas and almost got it then, but decided against it. So far it's kept me going. I'll let you know if it's worth reading or not after I finish it. It's definitely not like the Twilight series or Dracula books that I've read lately!

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Jaci said...

I am glad that your new job is going well and that you and JP are enjoying each other.

Have a wonderful week.