Saturday, October 17, 2009


Last Sunday we found the cutest puppy...the sucker I am wanted him so we got him! He is a Boston mix. We aren't sure what he is mixed with, the lady said they didn't realize that she was pregnant. I'm sure in about 6 months we will see. I wanted to call him Patches because of the patch over his eye, but JP didn't like it. He goes around acting like a bucking bull spinning around so I decided on the name Bucky or Buck. He loves to play with Tuck and Gunner and snuggle!

Sunday, October 11, 2009


A few weeks ago JP's brother and his wife, Matt and Beka, came to visit! We went to the corn maze and watched a lot of football! Beka had her first experience with Caine's, I'm sure it will not be the last. Next time we'll make it to the drive in!

Cold Weather

So yesterday seemed like it as the first day of winter! We went to the gun range about 3 and ended up coming home by 5 because it was so cold, 45 degrees. So when we got home I made the comment that we should build a fire in the fireplace! Great idea right! So we went outside and used the logs that Gunner has been playing with since we got here! It was very nice and cozy! Right now it is 35 degrees. I know it's colder in other places, Tabitha said it was down right cold in Cheyenne. I mean we have nothing on the foot of snow they had yesterday morning but still! Hope you all stay warm!

Gunner wanted to help.

Our first fire in our new house!

Sunday, October 4, 2009


JP finished his 911 dispatcher training this week, no more geography! I am so proud of him! I know it has been super tough! YAY JP!

Just a Little Rest

This past few weeks have been crazy, but the last especially. Last year when I couldn't find a job, I worked with a staffing company at the South Plains Fair taking tickets. Yes it was a little boring, but I found out a lot about the citizens of Lubbock, the fair brings out the best and the worst crowds. This year, I decided I would do it again. You see I ended up with the best job by the end of the fair, walking the robot and I knew I would get to do it again. Rock-it is a 9 foot robot with mad dance skills, the ability to make children scream and women melt, and the masses laugh. Since last Friday, I have been at the fair everyday as soon as I get off work, JP asked if I feel like a Carnie yet. Rock-it comes out of the coliseum to meet the crowds that are in line for the concerts, Boys-2-Men and Billy Currington just to name a few, and the children that are both amazed and scared by the purple giant. This year, along with his scooter rides, Rock-it signed autographs, everyone was amazed and wanted one. The questions always rise, "Is there a man in there?", "Is that a real robot?" "Where are your controls?", and "How does he do that?" People really amaze me! :)

The guys that run the outside entertainment were amazing. I was invited to attend a BB-Q where I got to meet many of the entertainers and here their stories of how they got to be where they are today. From the bear show to the shark show, they were all completely different.

I'll have to admit that I will miss them, but I'm ready for a little bit of rest. I have met JP at the PD before he goes to work for a few minutes the nights I could. He admitted yesterday that he was ready to "have me back", I think it is just so I will wash some clothes. :)

Hope you all have a great week!