Monday, February 16, 2009

A New Day!

So after last week JP and I are excited about a new week! I subbed for 2 different high schools. The first group was very easy. I had a pre-cal class and then an English class, where we go to watch Pride and Prejudice 5 times...well at least the last half. The second school was a different story! The first day I wanted to pull my hair out! They yelled the whole time they were supposed to be working on super easy worksheets and then cussed at me. I had finally had enough then and got the principal to the classroom. That day I sent 7 kids to the office...they all thought I was playing! Oh well...the second day was better with a video about Iraq, but they still wouldn't stay quiet! Where has respect gone to? I remember being scared of getting in trouble, not only at school but when I got home, I knew it would have been 10 times worse. These kids have no fear of anything! Thankfully I got a call Tuesday about a possible interview with the city of Lubbock. Friday I went for the interview and got the job! I started today at city hall as Administrative Assistant for the Purchasing Department. It will take some time to get used to get settled in but it will be a good job!
Poor JP had Friday the 13th on Tuesday. The academy made him resign, and then found him a job as a dispatcher until the next academy starts. Saturday was the testing for the next one that starts in June/July. He passed with flying colors! Everyone was glad to see him there and told him they better see him in the gym everyday until June! He is such a strong man and I'm very proud of him!


Josie Jack said...

I like that boy, too. Hope you both have a much better week!

Lindsey said...

Oh, well atleast things are looking up for the both of you! (I'm so happy that you've found a job and that they didn't kick him to the curb completely.) It says a lot about him when they want him to stick around and get stronger to complete the task. I'm proud of you both! :) Congrats Heather. Happy 2nd day of work!

carol said...

yippee for new starts. it says a lot that he got right back up and started the process over instead of just giving up! I am so glad that you found a job that doesn't require you to be around snotty nose high school students (although watch out for some of the adults...they're not much better) Have a great wk

Jaci said...

I'm not sure where the cake was made. It was good though!

How is your new job?