Sunday, March 29, 2009

Bikes and such

For JP's birthday we got bikes. I know it was early but I'd rather be early than late. So after testing them out on the street, we decided to take them to the park. It sounded easy enough, after all they have a road that goes around it. If you know JP, which I should have known better, he wanted to go off-roading. I thought he was going to KILL ME! I haven't ridden a bike since at least high school, if not junior high. Riding wasn't the problem, it was the shifting gears that got to me! I couldn't figure them out...leave it to me. I definately have to figure it out before we take them to Palo Dura Canyon! Sunday afternoons will become our bike riding/park we think!

This week starts JP's 5 weeks of 2-10 shift dispatching. This should be an interesting week! I know when I was working 2:30 to 11, there were nights I couldn't wind down until 2 or 3. Then I didn't want to wake up until 12, unless I had school then 7 am mornings were horrible, with a nap to come after class! So our schedules will be so different. On a good note he will keep his weekends off! We have been so fortunate for him to have them off so we can spend time together! The gym will now be my new best friend, along with the numerous books I have gotten recently but haven't started yet. Hopefully they will keep me entertained, if not the dogs will!

Our dogs are such characters! JP brought home a frisbee the other day from a training session for the dogs. Gunner LOVES it! He has caught it in the air a couple of times and has finally learned to drop it at your feet so you can throw it again. Tuck tries to take it away from him and sometimes succeeds and other times they run side by side both with a part of the frisbee in their mouth. They crack me up!

Hope you all have a great week!

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Lindsey said...

I love how you said, "We got bikes for JP's birthday." You go girl, for every occasion he gets presents for, you should too! hahah! So cute!

Love ya!