Thursday, April 2, 2009

I am my daddy's girl!

When I was little, I remember dragging out of bed early (6:30 to a 5 year old is ear l y) to eat breakfast before school. Daddy would be sitting in his chair and I would crawl up into his lap wearing a 'meaner than a junk pile bass' t-shirt and sporting a horrible Dorothy Hamill haircut. He would be doctoring his coffee and I would tell him "Inna wine it Daddy...Inna wine it!" meaning I want to wind/stir his coffee. See Daddy likes milk and sugar in his coffee...not black like Momma.

Well yesterday I broke down and got a coffee pot intending to use it to make coffee not hot water like I normally would. Staying up waiting for JP makes me seriously tired during the day, but I need/have to see him so I stay up so I can spend sometime with stinks not having him around the house when I'm home! I got the coffee pot that you can program and since I don't like the thought of regular coffee I got french vanilla. I wake up this morning get in the shower and my coffee is ready when I get out. I took a sip of it straight without adding anything and I almost thought I had made a BAD decision. So I add a little bit of milk and try it...not too bad, but still missing something. I add a little sugar, but it still needs more. Finally I got it to taste the way I wanted and drank the whole pot...not all before I left for work though I had to take some with me. I have been on a caffeine high all day! Tomorrow I think I'll do it again! :)

I've been cleaning and cooking supper for JP when he gets home. The dogs and I miss him! Waiting on the weekend...maybe we can do something exciting!


Lindsey said...

...You're getting old BTW. :) Love you

Jaci said...

I love the picture. Hope you and JP are adjusting to the schedule.

Love you.