Thursday, April 16, 2009

EEEEWWWW.....Yucky Birthday Weather

Today started out such a nice pretty 'Happy Birthday JP' day! Around 4:15 or so one of the guys from the managers office came and told us we needed to go to the basement right away. There had been a tornado warning (one had been sighted) and it was getting nasty outside. We stayed in the basement for over an hour waiting on the weather to pass. Luckily there wasn't a touchdown near us or even in the city. There was hail quarter sized! Driving home I passed several dealerships. It looked like it had snowed on their lots! The streets were flooded, many that should have been closed. I'm surprised that I made it home. JP has been at work since 2 and has said that work has been busy!! I can only imagine! It has started hailing again at the house and the dogs didn't like it hitting the window! More yucky weather to come! I'm sure many pictures of this will be posted on the internet, and I didn't take any, but here is a site that has a few good ones and more to come! I hope everyone has a dry night!

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Lindsey said...

I saw pictures of it on Good Morning America on was so crazy how much hail you got. Last week I was shopping at Cato's and we had a tornado warning because Pittsburg had 2, they went to Daingerfield and split their ways. I was stuck in their back room for about 30 mins, it was really awkward being in the back room at Cato's with a bunch of random women & some really loud children!