Friday, May 15, 2009

It's been a while...

Life in Lubbock has been anything but normal this week! It was good to see Parkerson/Norris/Barker clan last weekend! We definitely had a good time cooking and catching up some! Thank you for leaving all the desserts in my refrigerator! I see them ever time I open the door...they scream eat me! :)

JP started working midnights this week. He has gone in early a couple of times for overtime which is good and bad. Good because well obviously more money, but bad because he goes in around 6 close to when I get home. I'm kinda partial to seeing him everyday for more than 10 minutes. :) It's taking a little while to get adjusted to going to bed without him. I've tried to get the dogs in the bed with me, Tucker will but Gunner won't. Tuck will curl up against my leg and start snoring,literally. During the day Gunner will love all over me eating up the attention he gets. But at night he will get on the bed while the light is on, but as soon as I turn it off he jumps off and crawls under the bed. JP claims that Gunner is a one person dog and I'm starting to believe him. Last night I got scared, silly little sounds. I grabbed their pens and brought them into the bedroom. Gunner roamed around the floor for a while until I took one of JP's under shirts and put it into his pen. He crawled in and fell asleep. Good thing they can't talk or they would be telling me how crazy I am!

Wednesday Ashley and I went and grabbed some foil for my night owl to sleep during the day. We taped the foil to the windows to blackout the room. It was so funny/odd to wake up Thursday morning and not see any light in the bedroom. I almost turned around and went back to sleep until I looked at the clock and decided I needed to get up to get ready for work. This week is supposed to be the week I can start working as a real city employee. Hopefully everything will turn out the way it's been planned, by both parties. I don't want to have to look for another job! :) but I know everything will work out for the best!

On a last and funny note, I rented Hotel for Dogs tonight. Gunner and Tuck started watching it with me. As they watched the dogs started barking in the movie. They ran around the house, barking, trying to find them and then to the door as to let them in. :)

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Lindsey said...

I make fun of people like you who have foil in the windows...atleast I know the purpose behind yours though. However, I'm still laughing!