Monday, May 18, 2009


This weekend was pretty rough! Friday night laying in bed I began to twitch...again. I knew the rest of the weekend was pretty much shot! I woke up Saturday morning feeling ok...not great but good enough! JP came home and wanted to go eat breakfast. WONDERFUL! I love me some Ihop...strawberry stuffed french toast YUMMY! When we get home it's nap time right after all it's 7 am after all is said and done. After waking up from the nap I felt a shot to the head! I was pretty weak! I crawled back into bed but the pillows over my eyes, which felt amazing, and went back to sleep. I know it sounds horrible to sleep all day but with these migraines I can't do much else. We got up and found something to eat for supper and got a few movies to watch. During the movies the nausea and sharp pain/pressure in my eyes started, some of the many perks of migraines! Sunday was not much better. The sharp sudden pain to the right side of my head brought me to my knees many times and the twitching came again Sunday night. Today I decided enough was enough and went to the doctor. He told me he though it was a combination of tension headache, migraine, and muscle spasms. He gave me Frova for the migraine and then a shot of cortisone and zylacane in my shoulder to relieve the tension. Almost immediately I felt relief, then weakness (I'm a fainter)! It was amazing that in such a short time I didn't feel the knots in my shoulder! I wonder how long it will last? They also had me on some oxygen. The lady went out to get JP before they gave me the shot and told me she was going to tell him it was something really bad. He laughed so hard when he saw me with the oxygen on! After working at the assisted living center I wonder how those ladies and men deal with being on oxygen all the time! It would drive me nuts!
I'm so glad that JP was there! He cracked me up the whole time! I would have been a mess without him, plus they wouldn't have given it to me!
Hallelujah for medicine and a good husband!


Seitz said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better. Migraines are no fun!

Jaci said...

I hope the shot works for a long time. Maybe you will not have to go through that again.

Have a good week. Love ya!

Lindsey said...

Get better quick missy!